Why You Need to Have an Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

What’s the point of brushing your teeth if you have to manually squeeze the toothpaste out of an old college-era tube? Have you ever finished brushing, reached over to grab the tube, and squeezed more toothpaste out onto your hands than landed on your brush? Been left with a congealed mess after it got pushed up on one side while you were squeezing? It’s a surprisingly common problem, one which is thankfully being remedied by many companies.


The best solution to the problem is an automatic toothpaste dispenser. It’s been around for a while, but most people have never seen it.

Feature of the automatic toothpaste dispenser

It has a flexible interface: It can dispense either by weight (i.e., the compact size of a toothpaste tube) or by volume (i.e., the standard size of a toothpaste tube). the flexible interface makes it suitable for various sizes of treaded paste tubes.


The automatic toothpaste dispenser has quantitive toothpaste extrusion to avoid waste: The capacity of the brush loader is 200g and the toothpaste extrusion is quantitive and only needs to use the last drop of toothpaste. The design of vertical extrusion is more environmental.


It has durable, strong traceless adhesive on the back for wall mounting to prevent punching holes on your wall. This automatic toothpaste dispenser is not only a practical and convenient dispensing tool for your family but also a good decorative product for your bathroom.


It has a removable design for easy cleaning and a tidy interior. In the process of replacing the toothpaste, please only open the toothpaste dispenser and leave it open for a few minutes to allow some trapped air to escape. And then it is very easy for you to clean the interior of your automatic toothpaste dispenser.


How does an automatic toothpaste dispenser work?

Different from the traditional toothpaste dispenser, the automatic toothpaste dispenser is equipped with a compressor top of it. The toothpaste is stored in a small container on the side of it.

When a user takes out a tube of toothpaste, they can put it into a hole at the bottom of the automatic toothpaste dispenser and then squeeze out the air inside to connect with the air outside through the compressor. If a user needs more toothpaste, he can press the button on it to let some fresh paste flow out. Another option is to put the end of the tube into the hole at the top and press a secondary button. The toothpaste will automatically be extruded from the upper hole, flowing down through the nozzle and into another small container with a screw cap on top.


What are the disadvantages of squeezing the toothpaste manually?

The manual dispensing method has a lot of disadvantages:

Unnecessary squeezing force (65% of toothpaste is wasted)

- Squeezing toothpaste can lead to more teeth and gums problems.

The second biggest disadvantage is the mess caused by accidentally extruding even a little bit of toothpaste:

- The toothpaste will automatically flow out, but not all of the displaced paste will make it into the tube.

In general, squeezing the toothpaste manually is messy and wasteful.

Why was the toothpaste dispenser created?

First, toothpaste is used by people of all ages. The typical toothpaste tube has a capacity of 400 to 500g which can accommodate 3 to 5 tubes at the same time.

The dispenser with a larger capacity can dispense up to 1.5kg; that’s enough for more than 10 tubes!

Secondly, it’s a mess if you accidentally squeeze out too much paste from the tube.

The toothpaste can be squeezed out by hand, but the waste of toothpaste is hard to avoid.

The dispenser will squeeze out the essential amount of paste you need and make it easier to use while making fewer mistakes.

Last but not least, it’s more convenient – you only need one hand to put the tube in and squeeze it out. It’s not necessary for people with arthritis or swollen hands!


How to install the automatic toothpaste dispenser?

Step 1: Remove the adhesive on the back of the rack, stick it on the wall. Hang the toothpaste dispenser on the wall. No need punching holes on the wall.

Step 2: After that, the toothpaste can be pressed out of the dispenser.

Step 3: If there is any air inside at the time of extrusion, please use a hand vacuum to suck out as much air as possible and then press out toothpaste.

Step 4: Put in all the tubes of toothpaste, screw them down tightly, and make sure they will not be opened anymore by accident.

Step 5: After all the tubes of toothpaste are put in, you can use a special toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your teeth as usual.



This automatic toothpaste dispenser will help you save time and effort. You can place your toothpaste on it, not to mention that it is a decorative product for your bathroom.



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