Simple solution for hanging tanks and camis

It’s getting hotter outside, and our wardrobes are going from warm and cozy to “help keep me cool!” lightweight fabrics, with, well, less fabric! It’s time for summer tanks and camis. While these little tops are cute and cool, they are tough to hang on traditional hangers. You might find more of them lying on your closet floor or stuck between other clothes than actually on the hangers.

Here is a simple solution for hanging tanks and camis: use a belt hanger!

Sure, a belt hanger can be used for belts, but it is also great for tanks and camis.

Belt Hanger with Tanks and Camis

Need a belt hanger for your tanks, camis, or even belts? You can buy one by visiting my website at and looking for the belt hanger in the Closet category. Just click on Shop Now in the upper right-hand corner of the site and then click on Closet.

What other clothing items do you have trouble hanging, storing or organizing?


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