Reward Yourself Daily

We all have days when we feel like all we can accomplish is to just get through the day. Wake up. Survive. Go back to sleep.

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No matter if it is a day like that, or a day when you feel extremely productive, I recommend that you always take a moment to reward yourself.

Before you start a task, think of what your reward will be for completing that task.

As you work on the task if you start to feel like giving up or distracting yourself with something else (like browsing Facebook), think about your reward. Use it to keep you motivated.

When you complete the task, give yourself that reward you promised yourself.

Believe me. It works. I have been using this trick for years to get through high school, college, graduate classes, work tasks, household chores, or anything really.

Ideas for rewards:

  • Piece of chocolate, cookie or candy
  • Schedule or go to a spa appointment
  • A cup of tea or coffee
  • Time – finish something now, have time for something fun later!
  • A small gift you get for yourself (or a significant other can get you a gift and save it for a special occasion, like this!)
  • A cat nap
  • A walk
  • Time to chat with a friend
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Afternoon snack
  • Cuddle time with a loved one or a furry family member
  • Reading a chapter of a book

Wake up. Be Productive. Always Reward Yourself. Sweet Dreams.

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How do you reward yourself daily?


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