Repurposing containers for storage and organizing

My husband, Paul, and I started working on a 1000-piece puzzle a couple of weeks ago. I separated the different pieces by color or shade, as much as possible, so we had several piles laid out on the dining room table. Paul started finding the corner pieces and creating the bottom layer of the puzzle.

He will sometimes work on the puzzle on the weekends while I am making dinner. But, it takes time, and meanwhile our dining room table is covered in puzzle pieces.

Until today.

We recently purchased new flatware. The flatware set came with a wooden drawer tray which meant we no longer needed the plastic white one we had been using. But I didn’t pitch the white tray or put it with items to go to Goodwill. Instead, I decided to give it a new purpose – puzzle piece storage.

The puzzle pieces are still sorted into their original piles, but now they are not taking over the dining room table.

Take a look!

Image of a flatware tray holding puzzle pieces.

This is an example of how you can repurpose containers around the house to organize and store various items.

Other ideas:

  • A cereal box with one side cut off can be used as a paper tray. Think inbox and outbox. 
  • An egg carton can be used to hold push pins, paper clips, rubberbands, hair ties, cufflinks, earrings, craft supplies, and other small items.
  • A napkin holder can hold papers or folders. At home, you could use it for a Bills to Pay container. In the office, you could use it for brochures, surveys, and pamphlets.
  • A wooden box, which came with a flower I received, to hold bottle cleaning brushes in the kitchen.

Kitchen Brushes

  • Glass cups to hold pens, pencils and makeup brushes.
  • A waterproof match holder for camping to hold daily pills.

Image of a match holder for camping, but with pills inside.

When tackling some kind of organizing project at home or at the office, try to avoid shopping for containers right away. It is best to take a look at what you have to organize first (and how much of each item). And, you can save some money by possibly using containers you already own!

What creative storage solutions have you come up with?


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