Foyer Redesign

When we moved into our house, the foyer was decorated nicely, but the wallpaper was peeling off in some places. Plus, I really wanted to design a foyer that fit more of my style. I found an inspiration piece and based the design around that.

This is an image of what the foyer used to look like.

Photo of Foyer

Here are some pictures, after the redesign. We added the following:

  • New wallpaper that has small burgundy stars.
  • White beadboard wainscoting.
  • Three burgundy stars on the side wall.
  • A sign above the door, “Hugs, Kisses, Stars for Wishes.” This was the inspiration piece for the whole design.
  • New door mats with stars and country house.
  • A small black bench with a country pillow featuring a country house.
  • A boot tray and a burgundy pail that has a star on the front. It holds slipper socks for guests, if they would like them.

Sign Above the Door

Photo of Foyer

  • We also added a burgundy wood cabinet and, of course, hung some stars below (stars for wishes!). The blocks on top of the cabinet also have stars and say Welcome to Our Home.

Photo of foyer after redesign

On the other side, we keep the white mirror that was already there (I liked it anyway), and added a distressed burgundy cabinet.

Photo of foyer after redesign

The key to this design was the inspiration piece. Once I had found that, everything else fell into place. And I think I have a knack for finding items that coordinate together, so it was easy and fun to find the rest of the items that made up the design.

Designing around an inspiration piece really makes the whole process simpler. You can use it to help you develop a color scheme and a design concept, and inspire your furniture and accessory selections.

Do you use inspiration pieces when you design a space?


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