No mess in 10 minutes or less

By the end of the day, do the rooms in your house look something like this?

Messy Room

If so, what can you do about it? You have several options, including:

You could –

1. Leave it as is and go to bed.

2. Stay up later, pick everything up and return it to its proper home.

3. Play a game with your family to get everything picked up in 10 minutes.

Consider trying number three and turn something “not so fun” into a fun game.

Set a timer for 10 minutes.

Everyone needs to pick up their items and put them away before the timer stops. At the end of the 10 minutes, everyone can congratulate themselves and perhaps have some dessert, watch a favorite television show, read a book, play another game, or whatever your family enjoys.

That’s it! It’s simple, it gets everyone moving and involved, and it reduces your work!

You can use a timer on the microwave, your cell phone, or an actual timer. You can purchase the timer below from my Clever Container site under the Kitchen category.

Timer from Clever Container

Another idea is that you could start playing some music. Everyone must have everything picked up and put away before you turn off the music. You might even get some people dancing! You can take turns in your family whom will be in charge of starting and stopping the music. Perhaps the person who “won” the last time.

Most importantly, you need to create some game rules to make sure no one falls, gets hurt, trips over the dog, or accidentally breaks items. You will probably want to have a “walk, don’t run” rule for sure.

Just think in 10 minutes or less, you will have gotten rid of the mess!

Clean Room

What tips do you have for making daily cleaning fun?


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