Simple Life Cozy Home is a professional organizing and home staging/decorating website by Kristy Stephens. Kristy aims to inspire others in the quest for a simpler life and a cozier home.

This blog will feature a variety of topics related to having a simple life and a cozy home, including organizing and time management tips, home staging and redesigning, planning for the holidays and special events, buying and selling your home, money management, and more. Kristy offers valuable information that you can use to help simplify and beautify your life and home.

About Kristy 

Kristy is passionate about having an organized, comfortable and beautiful home and helping others do the same. She loves looking at houses, renovating them, decorating them, organizing them, and yes, even cleaning them. You could say she is a little obsessed with houses. She is very meticulous and loves organizing and planning – room designs, events, upcoming holiday gatherings, gift giving and so on. She also enjoys learning, discovering new things, and writing.

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