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7 Closet Organizing Tips

If you struggle with locating your clothes, putting away your clothes, or you just find the experience unenjoyable, it is time to organize your closet and dresser drawers.

By getting your closet and dresser organized, you can:

  • save time by being able to find outfits when you need them, and put them away easily on laundry day.
  • save money because you will be able to see what you own and realize that, yes, you do have clothes to wear – they were just a little buried!
  • start to love your clothes again. Having an organized closet and dresser makes getting ready in the morning much easier and enjoyable.
  • feel more confident because you will be able to dress your best with less stress!

Here are 7 tips to help you get your closet and dresser organized this spring!

Closet photo

Tip #1: Make your closet look more organized by using the same hangers – same size and, if possible, same color.  White or light colors work best because they are neutral. My goal is to have all white hangers, but we still have a few colored ones. You don’t have to throw away good hangers, just try to always buy the same ones. Also, use the plastic or wood hangers instead of the wire ones.

Tip #2: Americans tend to wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time. Here’s a simple trick that you can do two times a year to help keep your closet overflow to a minimum. You’ll start this one in the fall for your fall and winter clothes and in the spring for your spring and summer clothes.  To figure out what you really use and what you need to lose, turn all your hangers backward in your closet.  After you have worn a piece of clothing and are returning it to the closet turn the hanger around before putting the piece back.  Do this for 6 months.  At the end of 6 months, you’ll see what was left untouched.  Strive to empty out half of the unused clothing.

Tip #3: Roll socks instead of folding them together.  They’ll last longer since the elastic will not stretch out each time you wash them.  You can keep socks organized by using drawer designers. You can buy these from my website under the Closet category.

Drawer Designer Combo

Tip #4: When placing socks, underwear or bras back into the drawers once they’ve been washed, move them to the back of the drawer.  This way you’ll be wearing each item in cycles and you can extend the life of your articles.

Tip #5: Make sure your closet has very good, bright lighting so you can actually see all your items.

Closet Ceiling Light

Tip #6: Keep a “Donate” container nearby so when you find something you never wear or don’t want anymore, you can easily drop it in. Once it is full, take it to Goodwill or your favorite donation place. If you struggle with giving something up, think about how it can benefit someone who needs it much more than you. You can use the Jumbo Eyelet Tote as your “Donate” container. You can buy this from my website under the Storage category.

Jumbo Eyelet Tote

Tip #7: Use every inch of closet space to its maximum potential. The single rod-and-shelf configuration that comes standard in most closets is not practical and wastes tons of storage space. Use a double-rod configuration for short hanging such as shirts, skirts, and jackets. Use a regular rod on top and pant hangers on the bottom, if possible.

Closet photo

Place a shelf above the top rod and use shelf dividers to separate clothes and to keep them from falling on top each other. You can buy shelf dividers on my website under the Closet category.

Curved Shelf Dividers

Consider storing those bulky winter coats and sweaters. To save space, you can use the Clever Cache – just fill, seal and roll and you can go from 10 inches of sweaters to 3 inches of storage. You can find that product in the Storage category on my website.

Clever Cache

Use clear shoe boxes or a shoe rack on the floor to organize your shoes. You can buy shoe boxes under the Closet category.

Shoe Boxes

Use a “hanger hamper” to store extra hangers. You can find the hanger hamper online at my Amazon store.

Hanger Hamper

What closet organizing tips do you have?


Simple solution for hanging tanks and camis

It’s getting hotter outside, and our wardrobes are going from warm and cozy to “help keep me cool!” lightweight fabrics, with, well, less fabric! It’s time for summer tanks and camis. While these little tops are cute and cool, they are tough to hang on traditional hangers. You might find more of them lying on your closet floor or stuck between other clothes than actually on the hangers.

Here is a simple solution for hanging tanks and camis: use a belt hanger!

Sure, a belt hanger can be used for belts, but it is also great for tanks and camis.

Belt Hanger with Tanks and Camis

Need a belt hanger for your tanks, camis, or even belts? You can buy one by visiting my website at and looking for the belt hanger in the Closet category. Just click on Shop Now in the upper right-hand corner of the site and then click on Closet.

What other clothing items do you have trouble hanging, storing or organizing?