Christmas Tree

Holiday Time: Simple vs. Pleasures

During the holidays, do you prefer to keep things simple, or do you go all out? Do you decorate your house from top to bottom, send out tons of holiday cards, plan and prepare a large family dinner, bake lots of cookies, plan special family events, follow traditions, and so on? Or do you feel … [Read More...]


A Cozy Chicken Noodle Meal

With colder nights upon us, it was time to bring out one of my favorite dinners. It is super simple to make, is very warm and filling, and there are almost always leftovers! It is a perfect meal for a cold winter's evening. Oh, and it is delicious! This Cozy Chicken Noodle Meal includes 3 simple … [Read More...]

Organizing with Kids

My k.i.d.s. formula for organizing with kids

While I don’t have any children of my own, I do know that children’s toys, clothes and other items need an organizing system just like the rest of the items in our lives. This is especially true for all those toys! And with birthdays and holidays every year, the toys quickly add up! As a parent … [Read More...]

Time Management ebook bundle

Time Management ebook Bundle

Running a household, caring for children and still finding time to pursue your passions is not an easy order, but this week's bundle is designed to give you the tools to make the most of the 24 hours you're given each day. Discover tips for creating schedules and routines, the importance of rest, … [Read More...]


25 Kitchen Organizing Tips

The kitchen is where people gather. It is the heart of the home. It is the most important room in the house, or at least one of the most important rooms. But with everyone using it daily, it can quickly become disorganized. Here are 25 kitchen organizing tips for your cupboards, drawers, pantry … [Read More...]

Closet photo

7 Closet Organizing Tips

If you struggle with locating your clothes, putting away your clothes, or you just find the experience unenjoyable, it is time to organize your closet and dresser drawers. By getting your closet and dresser organized, you can: save time by being able to find outfits when you need them, and … [Read More...]

Belt hanger with tanks and camis

Simple solution for hanging tanks and camis

It's getting hotter outside, and our wardrobes are going from warm and cozy to "help keep me cool!" lightweight fabrics, with, well, less fabric! It's time for summer tanks and camis. While these little tops are cute and cool, they are tough to hang on traditional hangers. You might find more of … [Read More...]

Tech and Internet ebook Bundle

Tech & Internet ebook Bundle

Learn how to use the technology in your life to your advantage with this week's Tech and Internet ebook Bundle. You'll discover the secrets to beautiful iPhone photos, how to get organized using free apps and programs, the beauty of online friendships and more. But don't wait because this bundle is … [Read More...]

Money Management Grid

A Money Management Grid

You may have heard of Stephen Covey's time management grid which is made up of the following four quadrants: Important and Urgent Not Important and Urgent Important and Not Urgent Not Important and Not Urgent This grid can help you figure out the priority of your to-do items. This … [Read More...]


Gardening ebook Bundle

Whether you're a new or experienced gardener, this week's collection includes a variety of gardening tips for everyone! Learn how to garden without a big budget or a lot of space, discover tips for organic gardening and preserving your harvest, and get organized with custom printables. But don't … [Read More...]

Simply Living eBook Bundle

Simply Living ebook Bundle

Discover the secrets to living simply from five authors who are living intentionally and inspiring others to do the same! This bundle is on sale for 90% off through 8am EST on Monday, 4/22. Check back next week for the next bundle. It might just have you wanting to head outdoors! 25 … [Read More...]

Homemade Hamburgers

Simple. Delicious. Homemade. Hamburgers

You can buy some ground beef or turkey in the grocery store, cook up some patties, grab some rolls and toppings, and hamburgers are served. But those are just plain old hamburgers. Or maybe you throw in your "secret" seasoning to jazz them up a bit. Well this week I found my "secret" … [Read More...]

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